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29 March 2007 @ 02:21 pm
anyone else watchng american idol?  
am i the only one who wasn't impressed with gwen stefani's performance the other night?

i own the cd, and on the cd when she sings the sweet escape, she's -singing-
on american idol she did her weird unique 'no doubt' style of 'singing'
and it pissed me off. when you're on a show that people are being judged for their singing talents, why wouldn't you properly sing.

and having akon in that song is a joke n pointless. just record his voice n hit play, his presence is not necessary. i bet he even sat there on stage thinking ' wtf is the point of me being here right now...'

and i would have much prefered that she sung wind it up. true she's not properly singing in that song, but at least you know that already. and then akon wouldn't have had to be there.

and that's my two cents.