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21 December 2007 @ 03:37 pm
For my Office Admin. Medical:

COMM 10092 College Communication E (exempt)

COMM LL041 Communications (Langs) 91

HRES CB172 Human Relations 85

INFO 10020 Intrnt & Web Page Dev 95

KEYB 10000 Comptr Skill Bldg E (exempt)

OADM 10011 Admin Professionalism 1 89

OADM OA116 Document Processing 1 91

AVERAGE = 90.2

compared to travel n tourism program that i did, it's 1st semester average was....wait i can't tell cuz that's when they did the letter system >.<
but then i had B-,A,A,B,B,B-,A-

so i'm thinking this first go is better lol

hopefully next semester goes as well *crosses fingers*

and i just noticed that communications course i took in tourism as well and that first go i got the B-.....and now lol 91 !
somehow i just understood it better this time round. or i just cared to pay more attention :P
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